Where do Chickens Come From?

Nest in Cambodia

Nest in Cambodia















My dad had two “coops” in the back yard.  One for keeping about 20 chickens and one for keeping about 20 rabbits.   It was my job to take care of them all.  So, I got to know some of the peculiar ways of chickens.    But, I never stopped to ask where the first chickens came from, and I never thought about it. My friend Steve tells me that the chickens we eat in the USA came originally from the red jungle fowl of Asia (The internet  says so, too.) and that the Cambodian chickens we see today look to be pretty close relatives of those original chickens, Gallus gallus.    Umm….those skinny creatures  are close relatives of  the original chickens.    Somehow that makes those chickens more interesting!

Cambodian Chickens

Cambodian Chickens: Gallus gallus?


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