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A Widow Woman & Swamp Rice In Sierra Leone

About a week ago a friend asked me: “What project are you working on?”   It’s pretty hard to explain

Finding Water in a Dry Place: Witching/Divining

In eastern Sumba, Indonesia finding water for life can be an unimaginable challenge. A few weeks ago we met villagers whose daily struggle for water included a 3 mile walk and an incredible “rock climb.” To reach water in a sheer-cliff ravine they had to walk at least an hour and then descend about 100 feet down a nearly vertical cliff. At the bottom are 3 small pools of water: one for drinking, one for water for animals and one for washing clothes.

A Cool Water Pump & Some Community Development Wisdom From Asia

Water-–all intertwined with life and health. So many times it’s true that if people can just obtain more water or