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Wonder: What Was It Like In SE Asia in 1100 AD? Angkor Wat Ancient Heritage Site

We walk in the Cambodian sun with hundreds of other tourists to wonder and listen and to try to imagine

Asian Circles of Conversation: Sitting on the Floor or on the Ground

Asia offers a whole new world of experiences for the Westerner. Learning to enjoy tea and conversation while sitting on

Yun & Neum: A Cambodian Couple Raise Cows to Support Their Children

In reflecting on my time last week in Cambodia, I think that one of the most rewarding moments was the

The Killing Fields Memories of Cambodia

I hope my readers won’t weary of this series of blogs on Cambodia just yet. I’d like to share a

Mr. Mao—A Great Teacher and a Great Farmer

Mr Mao has been an inspiration to me and literally thousands of farmers in Cambodia and other countries because he leads by example.

Sugar Palm Trees of Cambodia

When you travel in southern Cambodia in January or February you see long, skinny bamboo poles tied up on the

A Week in Cambodia

Feb 22, 2012 Last week in Cambodia It was really good to visit Cambodia again last week. The morale of