Infinite thanks. In the English language I don’t think we express thanks with the word infinite. But, one of the beautiful things about experiencing the varied peoples in this world is to experience the various ways of saying thanks. In looking back over these last couple of years, one of the sweetest little expressions of thanks came to me from Mexico.

 The people of AMEXTRA, World Renew’s former partner organization—and still friend in Mexico— sent this little expression of thanks. The thanks really belongs to all the supporters of World Renew who reach out to people in need around the world. We are all greatly enriched by knowing them and by their thanks. Thanksgiving is international! I’m not 100% sure, but I think that the Mayan priest portrayed in the picture might be offering thanks to the gods as he understood them for the gifts of the earth upon which the lives of his people depended.  In Spanish they called such gifts the “primicias” or first fruits.

The words mean:” Infinite thanks for having offered your gifts in the service of the service of integral transformation of marginalized communities in Mexico.” (The Board of AMEXTRA, July 2014) If you click on the picture the words become legible.

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