Getting Around in Southeast Asia


The Bangkok airport is the hub. It’s an enormous, grey space station.

Loas Motor Cycle Taxis

And, then you move to Laos: they’ve still got motor cycle taxis put-putting amidst the street vendors

And the big SUVs of the rich.


To get to the hinter lands of northern Laos, where CRWRC works---you’ve got to use LaoAir, who still use prop planes.


And, when you get there, you’ve got to get a ride. I was fortunate to get to ride in an old, green Toyota Prado. Oops, I forgot: we also crossed a ferry that was pushed across the river by a tug boat.



Finally, to visit the farmers, you’ve got to hike. Sometimes you’ve got to climb over fences on shaky bamboo fence crossers.

  It’s pretty amazing to me that even though I get lost easier than about 95% of human beings, the Lord has always brought me home so far!

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