Finding Water in a Dry Place: Witching/Divining

In eastern Sumba, Indonesia finding water for life can be an unimaginable challenge. A few weeks ago we met villagers whose daily struggle for water included a 3 mile walk and an incredible “rock climb.” To reach water in a sheer-cliff ravine they had to walk at least an hour and then descend about 100 feet down a nearly vertical cliff. At the bottom are 3 small pools of water: one for drinking, one for water for animals and one for washing clothes.

Eastern Sumba: Very Dry, Lots of Coral Rock

Going Down the Ravine to the Water Holes

Washing Clothes at the Bottom of the Ravine

The grace of this story is that last year the World Renew partner in Indonesia, Holistic Ministry, was able to link the people to a man who knows how to “divine” or “witch” for water. Over the years this man has developed a tool consisting of two TV antennae mounted in ball bearing hand grips. This tool seems to transmit the tiny changes that deep ground water produces in the electro- magnetic field of the earth, through the human body, and to the antennae. The antennae cross when the person holding the tool crossed the point where a vein of water lies deep under the surface of the ground.

Diving For Water With the Cool Little Tool

Peering Down Into the Well Dug Into the Rock

Happiness is Water Closer to Home

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