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Finding Water in a Dry Place: Witching/Divining

In eastern Sumba, Indonesia finding water for life can be an unimaginable challenge. A few weeks ago we met villagers whose daily struggle for water included a 3 mile walk and an incredible “rock climb.” To reach water in a sheer-cliff ravine they had to walk at least an hour and then descend about 100 feet down a nearly vertical cliff. At the bottom are 3 small pools of water: one for drinking, one for water for animals and one for washing clothes.

Amaranth: A Help in Uganda and a Hit with the Kids in Michigan

The name of the plant is amaranth. It’s a high protein grain that has a wonderful balance of amino acids.

I’m Glad I Went to Burkina Faso to See My Son Josh

My son, Josh in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso. I’m glad that I went there to be with him

Wonder at What Once Was: The Old Big Pine Trees of Michigan

A few weeks ago we had a time of vacation at Burt Lake in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan.

Getting Around in Southeast Asia

          It’s pretty amazing to me that even though I get lost easier than about 95% of

A Cool Water Pump & Some Community Development Wisdom From Asia

Water-–all intertwined with life and health. So many times it’s true that if people can just obtain more water or


Wonder, Worms, and Positive Hearth Deviance One of the great gifts I received for Christmas is the little book: The