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How Does Amaranth, Ancient Crop of the Aztecs Help People in Africa?

During the past 2 weeks East African people have shared many stories about how grain amaranth flour, and eating the

What Happened to the Roman’s Streets and Buildings?

Descend down to the Milan subway train. Then, to one side is a glass window.   You peer through it and

You’ll Never Imagine What These Giant Jars in Laos Were Used For

Once in a while, we encounter something from the past that makes us wonder: What did they do with that? 

The Man Who Stopped the Desert. Wonder–God Is Working In People You Might Not Expect

The last blog was about our work in Laos, where we work with people who live with rain forests that

Updates: Evergreen Agriculture (Fertilizer Trees) and Amaranth

In World Renew we are always learning about new ways to use the huge diversity of assets the Lord put

It’s a Facinating World & It’s a World of Big Challenges & Sometimes Even Worms Can be Part of the Solutions

Introduction I started this blog in the hope of sharing a journey of learning about life and faith, community development,

Thai Silk: The Wondrous Little Silkworms and the Artful Human Beings Who Work With Them

Thai people and Thai culture show an amazing curiosity and relationship between human beings and nature.  While living in Thailand

When Do “Christmas Pointsettias” Flower South of the Equator?

People in North America like pointsettia flowers at Christmas time, in December.   But, there were, in full flower in Mozambique

Two Ears of Corn vs. Two Ears of Corn: Harvest of Plenty in Mozambique For Farmers Who Cannot Afford Fertilizer

This picture of Manuel holding two ears from his tradition patch of corn vs two ears from his “conservation agriculture”