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Buffalo, Bees, & Human Beings in Africa

A  good memory from two African teachers who took the time one day to talk with me.  One was Masai,

Calendars and Time: How We Organize Our Lives

If you click on the picture below an amazing world of village life in among the Rshi people we work

Where do Chickens Come From?

                            My dad had two “coops” in

A Long View: Cambodians Telling the History of Christians in Cambodia

Every people has a story.  And, it’s often and inspiring thing to listen to people tell their story or their

More on What It’s Like to Live on Top of An Ancient Mayan City

The thing I wonder about is why some trees grow so well in the soil on top of the ancient

What’s It Like to Live On Top of An Ancient Mayan City?

Right across from our house in Corozal Town in Belize is the ancient city site of Santa Rita.  It was

What Does Our Search For “The Beach” Really Cost?

One of the themes of this blog is wonder, especially the sense of wonder and awe at our amazing Creator,