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Animals in Asia: A Cultural Experience to Wonder At

A Sudden Scream from the Kitchen! A funny kind of lizard jumped off the kitchen screen, startling the visitor from

Hard Working Men

During the past 5 years we have had the privilege of helping thousands of mothers and children in Jharkand State

What happens when differing cultures eat together?

When I was in Mozambique, back in May, the dynamics of hospitality and friendship in eating together struck me again.

A 92 year-old Lady In Her Home Place, With a Sense of Place

While in Bangladesh last week, it was a privilege for me to meet the 92 year-old mother of my co-worker,

Life on the River in Dhaka, Bangladesh

At this moment the country of Bangladesh is passing through a kind of anguish. Old wounds from the civil war

Kolkata/Calcutta & Mother Teresa’s Memory

Kolkata, India brims over with humanity. Arteries clogged with traffic, shirtless men asleep on the side walks, markets smelling of

The Killing Fields Memories of Cambodia

I hope my readers won’t weary of this series of blogs on Cambodia just yet. I’d like to share a

Sugar Palm Trees of Cambodia

When you travel in southern Cambodia in January or February you see long, skinny bamboo poles tied up on the

Amaranth: A Help in Uganda and a Hit with the Kids in Michigan

The name of the plant is amaranth. It’s a high protein grain that has a wonderful balance of amino acids.

Wonder: The Intelligence in Creation: Example, the Elephant

In Thailand I saw elephants who could paint. This morning I read an article in the BBC site ( that