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Buffalo, Bees, & Human Beings in Africa

A  good memory from two African teachers who took the time one day to talk with me.  One was Masai,

A Widow Woman & Swamp Rice In Sierra Leone

About a week ago a friend asked me: “What project are you working on?”   It’s pretty hard to explain

Creation Care in India

Sense of place.  Caring for the spot of the Earth that  the Lord gave your family.  Making it a better

Calendars and Time: How We Organize Our Lives

If you click on the picture below an amazing world of village life in among the Rshi people we work

Where do Chickens Come From?

                            My dad had two “coops” in

What Does Our Search For “The Beach” Really Cost?

One of the themes of this blog is wonder, especially the sense of wonder and awe at our amazing Creator,

You’ll Never Imagine What These Giant Jars in Laos Were Used For

Once in a while, we encounter something from the past that makes us wonder: What did they do with that? 

Updates: Evergreen Agriculture (Fertilizer Trees) and Amaranth

In World Renew we are always learning about new ways to use the huge diversity of assets the Lord put