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From War to Water and How to Make a Water Tank in the Mountains of Laos

Laos was never supposed to be involved in the Vietnam War.  It was supposed to be off limits to all

Thai Silk: The Wondrous Little Silkworms and the Artful Human Beings Who Work With Them

Thai people and Thai culture show an amazing curiosity and relationship between human beings and nature.  While living in Thailand

The Killing Fields Memories of Cambodia

I hope my readers won’t weary of this series of blogs on Cambodia just yet. I’d like to share a

Cambodia—Boom Economy in 2013, But What Comes Next?

Feb 2013 One of the contrasts between working in Kenya in the late 1990s and working with several Asian countries

Mr. Mao—A Great Teacher and a Great Farmer

Mr Mao has been an inspiration to me and literally thousands of farmers in Cambodia and other countries because he leads by example.

Finding Water in a Dry Place: Witching/Divining

In eastern Sumba, Indonesia finding water for life can be an unimaginable challenge. A few weeks ago we met villagers whose daily struggle for water included a 3 mile walk and an incredible “rock climb.” To reach water in a sheer-cliff ravine they had to walk at least an hour and then descend about 100 feet down a nearly vertical cliff. At the bottom are 3 small pools of water: one for drinking, one for water for animals and one for washing clothes.

A Development Dynamo: Rahkmat—Changing the Hearts of People

A few weeks ago I met  Rahkmat on the island of Sumba in eastern Indonesia.   Sumba can be sad Sumba.  It was always a fragile island ecosystem, but now the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean currents have made the rains even more erratic than before.   Two years ago they had another of their recurring hunger years and we gave food relief. So, it was a joy to meet up with a man who exudes optimism and hope in this place.

A Dream of What Is Possible: Grafting Trees in Laos

I’m blessed to meet lots of good human beings. Alan is one. Alan has worked in China, Thailand and Laos

Educating Girls In Northern Laos

Reading opens up the gates to learning, to the internet, to health, to self-esteem, and even to a degree of