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Wonder at What Once Was: The Old Big Pine Trees of Michigan

A few weeks ago we had a time of vacation at Burt Lake in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan.

Wonder: The Intelligence in Creation: Example, the Elephant

In Thailand I saw elephants who could paint. This morning I read an article in the BBC site ( that

A Dream of What Is Possible: Grafting Trees in Laos

I’m blessed to meet lots of good human beings. Alan is one. Alan has worked in China, Thailand and Laos

Educating Girls In Northern Laos

Reading opens up the gates to learning, to the internet, to health, to self-esteem, and even to a degree of

Getting Around in Southeast Asia

          It’s pretty amazing to me that even though I get lost easier than about 95% of

Astrologoy Center In India

Here are some memorable pics of an astrology center in India.

A Cool Water Pump & Some Community Development Wisdom From Asia

Water-–all intertwined with life and health. So many times it’s true that if people can just obtain more water or

A Week in Cambodia

Feb 22, 2012 Last week in Cambodia It was really good to visit Cambodia again last week. The morale of

Impressions & Reflections on a Week in Burma-Myanmar

The week in Burma has fled by. Here are a few impressions and reflections. Beauty: There is beauty all around:

Thinking about Burma-Myanmar and Courage

Jan 25, 2012 Courage. Daring to try in the face of daunting odds. Burma (Myanmar) has been an isolated country