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Buddhist Beauty in Architecture

A engineering professor commented to the students he was leading to Southeast Asia that they should look carefully at the

Wonder: What Was It Like In SE Asia in 1100 AD? Angkor Wat Ancient Heritage Site

We walk in the Cambodian sun with hundreds of other tourists to wonder and listen and to try to imagine

Breakfast: On the Road In Southern Cambodia

Give us this day our daily bread…..or rice, or noodle soup, or tortillas and beans?  I’ve gotten to like breakfasts

Cultural Differences in The Relationships of Human Beings and Animals

The relationships between human beings and the animals we share our earth with vary tremendously.  In North American and Western

The Man Who Stopped the Desert. Wonder–God Is Working In People You Might Not Expect

The last blog was about our work in Laos, where we work with people who live with rain forests that

From War to Water and How to Make a Water Tank in the Mountains of Laos

Laos was never supposed to be involved in the Vietnam War.  It was supposed to be off limits to all

Asian Circles of Conversation: Sitting on the Floor or on the Ground

Asia offers a whole new world of experiences for the Westerner. Learning to enjoy tea and conversation while sitting on

Yun & Neum: A Cambodian Couple Raise Cows to Support Their Children

In reflecting on my time last week in Cambodia, I think that one of the most rewarding moments was the

Animals in Asia: A Cultural Experience to Wonder At

A Sudden Scream from the Kitchen! A funny kind of lizard jumped off the kitchen screen, startling the visitor from

Hard Working Men

During the past 5 years we have had the privilege of helping thousands of mothers and children in Jharkand State