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What’s It Like to Live On Top of An Ancient Mayan City?

Right across from our house in Corozal Town in Belize is the ancient city site of Santa Rita.  It was

What Does Our Search For “The Beach” Really Cost?

One of the themes of this blog is wonder, especially the sense of wonder and awe at our amazing Creator,

Opium Freedom Journey

A previous blog told about families in a Thai village becoming free from opium addiction and what that freedom means

Freedom From Opium: Changes Gender Relationships

One of the scourges that keeps people poor everywhere in the world is addiction to drugs.    World Renew encounters this

What is this strange bird?

Do you think this bird is some sort of vulture?    If you live in Canada or the USA and have

How Does Amaranth, Ancient Crop of the Aztecs Help People in Africa?

During the past 2 weeks East African people have shared many stories about how grain amaranth flour, and eating the

Longing and Living For Peace with Justice

Moises Colop, a former World Renew colleague in Guatemala, pictured above, used to talk with me about “la lucha de

What Happened to the Roman’s Streets and Buildings?

Descend down to the Milan subway train. Then, to one side is a glass window.   You peer through it and

You’ll Never Imagine What These Giant Jars in Laos Were Used For

Once in a while, we encounter something from the past that makes us wonder: What did they do with that?