Hi, my name is Tom Post.   I grew up in west Michigan, but left home for Peace Corp teaching work in Belize when I was 21.  I married a pretty Belize girl and went from being a high school biology teacher to being an agronomist and development worker.    It’s been a blessing and constant learning journey to work with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) these last 30 years.  I hope this blog proves out to be a way I can share some of the learning and blessing with you.

As I start this blog in the hope of sharing a journey of learning about life and faith, community development, creation care and agriculture. I would not venture into this except for the strong encouragement of my sons, especially Joe and Josh, and their wives—Zoe and Amy. Thanks!

Some Of My Story

My own learning path in majority-world development started in 1972, as a biology teacher in Belize, Central America. There are started to learn that development is more than just the biology, it’s also about “studying people.” That’s mainly my own spin on a Belize Creole expression that some Belizeans say when someone looks askance at them: “No di study me.” And, that reminds me to give a lot of thanks to my wife, Melva, who has been a teacher and friend to me over the years and happens to be a Belizean person of Mayan ancestry—and has taught me a lot about myself and people, by studying me! Along the way, Melva and I have served with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC, but probably soon to change its name to World Renew): in Mexico, Central America, East Africa and now Asia. Presently I’m the team leader for Asia and try to keep up professionally in the area of tropical agriculture.

If this is an effort you feel you’d like to support financially, I sure would appreciate it!

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