A Cool Water Pump & Some Community Development Wisdom From Asia

Water-–all intertwined with life and health. So many times it’s true that if people can just obtain more water or purer water, so many possibilities open up. I saw an ingenious pump in Cambodia. All you need to make one is some plastic pipe, some plastic joints, a foot valve, a metal or wooden rod, and some cloth…and some water to prime it. I think this is a cool water pump because it’s relatively cheap to make and because without using any petroleum or electricity you can pump water from a pond and water your vegetable garden. It works as long as you don’t have to raise the water too high. (I don’t know what the highest amount this pump can raise water.) I’ll show some pics of this cool contraption.

I’m also enriched by working with Asian people who are good thinkers. One is my colleague, Kohima Daring. She has a very clear way of explaining community development. It goes something like this:
“The poor are poor in many senses. If a poor person gains more money but has no literacy, they cannot manage. Though they have literacy and money, if they are not healthy they cannot do. If they are healthy and have money and literacy, but are still alone—then they still need unity and leadership. This is why community development needs to be integrated.”

What do you think about this?

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